IX. Samantha – Third cycle +insem

Making Baby Mettler

Third times a charm?

This time, I started my cycle on a Saturday so I wasn’t able to do an ovary scan until Monday which was cycle day 3. The last two cycles were done on day 2. Not like that really makes a difference buuuut still.

Everything was all good. No cysts and I started the Femara that night. Again, two 2.5mg pills between 6-8pm for five days. Only difference this time, is that since my follicle was already 22mm by cd 11 last time, they scheduled me to come in for a follicle scan on cd 10 so that they could catch my follicle while it was smaller than that.

This time, we made sure to have the trigger shot and sperm BEFORE that appointment so that we didn’t run into the same crazy as last time. We tried to call CVS and Publix for the Pregnyl since it was $30 cheaper through them. But it was on back order through their supplier for 2ish months, which for sure didn’t work. So we decided to go through SMP pharmacy again. 🙄

When we called to order the sperm, they told us that they had run out of the donor we had been using. 🤷🏻‍♀️ we went back to the donor search, and ended up finding the CUTEST little boy. Who strangely enough, looks almost identical to my cousins little boy that stole my heart since the first day I held him in my arms. So we ordered that sperm instead! But since it was a Friday and they don’t do same day shipping right now (thanks again corona) we had to pay more shipping to be sure it was at the office in time…

That next afternoon, my mom called and said that she was making eggs that morning and cracked open an egg with a double yolk. She said that she had never seen that before, so she looked it up, and in Scandinavian culture, it means someone close to you will have twins. She called just to tell me how neat she thought that was, and I told her I mean, it’s possible and I’d find out on Monday how many follicles I had.

Then later on that evening Steph and I were on our way to my cousins house, and Steph was reading the donors extended profile in the car. I told her something about how i think the donor has a brother. When she got to that part of the profile, she said ya he had a brother, but then the next question was whether or not twins run in his family. To which he replied “yes. I’m a fraternal twin. And my dad is also a fraternal twin to his sister.” I looked over at Steph and said, Ummmm what?!… and then it clicked that fraternal twins can’t actually be genetic when they come from the males side… but it was still SUPER strange and I had to call my mom and tell her how odd this all was!

Cycle day 10 came around on Monday and I went in for a follicle scan. This time, I had one follicle that was 20mm (perfect!), they called and told me to do the trigger shot that night at 8pm and to come in Wednesday at 1pm for an insemination. I asked if there was an earlier appointment because that seemed kinda late, but they told me that was the first available appointment. After adding up the hours we decided to take what the old fertility office that we used to go to had said about it being better for the sperm to be sitting there waiting than it is to have the egg sitting there waiting for them to get to it since the egg doesn’t live as long, and so we did the trigger shot at 11pm instead to give the sperm a little bit of extra time to hang out! Lol they told us before that wouldn’t hurt anything!

Insemination day came, and the nurse practitioner that did this insemination was the nurse that we loved because she went through this herself and actually got pregnant with twins her 6th iui 😁 she is the nurse who inseminated Steph the one time that it actually took for a hot sec, so we feel like she’s some sort of good luck ❤️ Once she was done, she said that was the most perfect insemination and that I needed to lay there with my legs together for the next 10 minutes, and to start progesterone inserts two days later and to continue them until the 12th week of pregnancy if I have a positive test.

When she left me there on my own, the bones by Megan Morris and hozier started playing on the overhead speakers, and tears just kind of started rolling down my face. This baby making stuff is soooo damn emotional!

For whatever reason, we have a really good feeling about this one. Something feels different. There are so many strange signs, and just things that we cannot explain. I guess we will find out whether or not these feelings are legit or not at the end of this two week wait. But I’m choosing to only put good into the universe this time and say that this one is going to work.

Baby Journey cost:
Sperm plus shipping: $880 Femara:$20 Pregnyl:$140
Insemination: $350
Follicle scan copay x2 : $90
Total baby-making cost to d


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