Our quick trip to Birmingham, Alabama!

This year, we are attempting to take fewer vacations.
(insert huge eye roll here)
We need to save money, and we can’t do that if we keep traveling for concerts. HOWEVER, we bought Mumford & Son’s tickets back in November for their concert in March. So obviously we couldn’t NOT do that, which meant a trip to Birmingham for the weekend. It’s only an 8.5-hour drive for us, so… why not? Birmingham is one of our favorite cities!

Seattle Recap 2018

It’s not often that we get to travel from one coast to the other. Traveling to Seattle was everything I had hoped it would be from the coffee, the farmers markets, the music and the people and the FOOD. Mostly it was amazing because I was there with my other half enjoying it together. Here’s our recap from November 2018.

Turning 30 and reflecting on my 20’s.

My 20’s were a time when I truly and honestly lived and experienced every moment of each day. Granted, I slept through many a class and made some not-so-awesome decisions, but overall, my 20’s defined me as a person, as they tend to do for most people, I’m guessing.