XII. Ef these emotions – IUI #5

Making Baby Mettler

The 4th IUI didn’t work. We know this will happen when it’s supposed to happen, but it doesn’t make this anyyyy easier.

This month, we have so much going on, that maybe this 5th one will be easier. There won’t be any down time or time to even feel any of the emotions. Gavin is coming to spend 10 days with us, and I got a phone call from the breeder that Willow is deaf. She said that we could get the puppies at 6 weeks instead of 8 so that we have more time to train a deaf puppy. This means that we get to pick up the puppies right before Gavin gets here! Two puppies and a 9 years old should be JUST distracting enough for our two week wait that it should go by in a flash.

This cycle started like every other one. I went back to the fertility office on CD 2 and everything was normal. I ordered the trigger that day (by now we’ve learned our lesson, LOL). I called to order the sperm the next day, and they told me that the sperm I wanted was actually out of stock (what a weird sentence) and that I would need to choose another donor. I called Steph and asked her what she wanted to do, and she said she didn’t care as long as he had dark hair and light eyes, lol.

I went on their website and picked one that stood out to me.. I didn’t have any time to actually sit there and read everything about him, but I sent the link to Steph and told her to read it when she got the chance. I called NW Cryo back, ordered this donor on a whim, and laughed once I hung up because of how routine this has all gotten.

I went in on CD 10 for a follicle scan, and this time I had two follicles. One was 16.4mm and the other was 18mm. They told me to trigger that night for Insemination on Wednesday CD 12. Steph still couldn’t come in, so once again, I was all alone. But I had the most amazingggg Nurse practitioner. She sat with me the whole time afterwards so that I didn’t have to go through it alone. We sat and talked about Apollo because she was talking about rescuing a Great Dane. We talked about the puppies, and I cried about how much of an emotional toll this has taken on the two of us.

She told me that she had such a great feeling about this time, and that everything had gone absolutely perfect. I told her that I wanted to believe that so so so much, but that it was getting hard to expect anything other than a negative at this point. She held my hand and told me to just believe and try and have a little patience. I left there feeling like there was some sort of light left and that this was all going to be okay.

Fingers crossed and lets bring on this two week wait!

Baby Journey cost:
Sperm plus shipping: $835 Femara:$20 Pregnyl:$140
Insemination: $350
Follicle scan copay x2 : $90
Total baby-making cost to d


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