VIII. Samantha – second cycle, 2 week wait and results

Making Baby Mettler

This 2 week wait has been…..something! To say the least.

Once again, bring on the tears. Thanks Progesterone.

During this two week wait, Chrissy Teigen lost her baby. Which absolutelyyy wrecked me. After everything we have been through and as emotional as this journey had been, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how she was feeling. I felt for her and her family sooo hard and cried for days over it.

I had a birthday, which involved a pretty incredible Frozen themed trip to Magic Kingdom, a super personalized car message followed by a car wash by my “house elves”, and a fantastic dinner where I thought Heather was for sure going to get us kicked out. IYKYK.

And then later that week, we let our Great Dane Apollo outside and when he came back in, we realized there was a strange bump on his front knee. I thought maybe something had bitten him, so I gave him a Benadryl and put an ice pack on his leg. Two days later the knot was still there, only it was now this giant knob on his leg. We googled it, and it said that one of the biggest killers of older Danes was Osteosarcoma… (bone cancer) and it was exactly what they described.. everything I read said that it was the most painful kind of cancer and that it grows so fast that there’s almost nothing they can do about it aside from amputation.

The thing is, my great dane was 12 years old.. and there was no way he would be able to make it on 3 legs… I called the vet and they were able to fit me in two days later.. which happened to land on the same day that I would find out the results of the pregnancy test. When I got to the Vet, she assured me that it was indeed Osteosarcoma and that with Apollo’s age and how fast this cancer grows, that it could be a matter of days before the knot grew large enough to snap his leg in half. She explained that my only real option at this point was to put him down… that she could prescribe me pain meds to try and keep him comfortable.. but that that option was dangerous and unfair.. and that if his leg snapped, I’d be dealing with a 160 pound dog with a broken leg in unimaginable pain… so I set my own feelings aside, and made the right choice for my boy. We said a sad goodbye to Apollo that afternoon.

To add fuel to the fire, about two hours after I had gotten home from this terrible day, the doctors office called to tell me that the test was negative and that I was not pregnant.

Needless to say, this cycle would go down in the books as a doozy.

Total baby-making cost to d


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