X. Samantha 3rd cycle- results and our decisions

Making Baby Mettler

We for sureeeee thought this time was going to work. Everything seemed right.. and we were wrong. When the test came back negative, it started to feel like we were almost expecting a negative since this was the 10th time we have been through this.

Corona is starting to take its toll on top of everything else. And we decided to take a break over the holidays. We wanted to just enjoy each other and get a handle on our emotions.

We took a trip to DC to see my family, fell in love with a new coffee shop, celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, cooked Thanksgiving dinner at our house, went to a Christmas light show at Leu Gardens, went to a great wedding, and made some new friends.

The year ended with so many amazing memories and we were so happy with our choice to take a little break from all of this fertility stuff for a bit.

Total baby-making cost to d


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