XI. Back on the fertility train for Sam’s 4th go round

Making Baby Mettler

Now that we took a well deserved break, it was time to get back to this baby making thing!

It started out like every other cycle, in on CD 2 for an Ovary check, all good, come back on CD 10 for a Follicle scan.. yada yada yada.

This time, so that I didn’t go through that whole mess of ordering things at the last second, that next day, I called and ordered the trigger shot from SMP for next day delivery and the sperm for a three day delivery. We also found out that the shipping had gone up by $65 for the sperm during our break.. which was just fantastic news lol.

That night when I checked my email for a shipping update, it said that the trigger shot was in Tennessee…. I was supppper confused because why would it be in Tennessee when it was shipping from Miami to Orlando? The next morning I called SMP and they told me that that is just “how Fedex routes their packages”, and that Nashville was experiencing severe weather and that my package would more than likely take a few extra days to get here… I went into a bit of a panic because the trigger shot is in a box with ice packs since it is supposed to be kept below a certain temperature and then it’s stored in the refrigerator until you use it. They told me that if it arrived and it was no longer cold, that I could request a refund and that they would send a new one out once the storm had cleared in Nashville.

I tried to take some deep breaths and figured, if worse came to worst, I could always have a local pharmacy order it… (slowly getting flashbacks of last time we ordered the trigger shot)

The next day, I got an update from NW cryobank about the shipping delay on the sperm. It was stuck.. in Nashville… in the storm…

This is when I Freaked out.. the sperm is NOT cheap.. and it’s in a tank that is good for 5 days. And then it would be useless. I called NW Cryo to see what I could do, and she told me that their tanks are usually good longer than that, but that they can only guarantee 5 days. The woman from NW Cryo was so kind and understanding and assured me they would do everything in their power to help me out. But that didn’t really calm my nerves.. this whole thing is so time sensitive and if this didn’t work out in time, we would be skipping this cycle.

On Thursday, CD 9, everything was still in Nashville. I went to Publix to see if there was any way they could order a trigger shot for me and have it there the next day. I cried to the pharmacist like a crazy person and she told me that of course she could, that she would order it even without a prescription being sent but that they had to have the prescription in order for me to pick it up… I left there feeling a little bit of relief even though the price went from $160 that I pay to SMP, to $490 at Publix (yikes).

Come Friday, on CD 10, the sperm and the trigger shot were still in Nashville. I went to my appointment and our regular Sonographer wasn’t there so I didn’t get to find out what size my follicles were right there and then. I went online to check on the status of everything, and NO movement. When the Doctors office called me back they told me that my follicles were only at 12mm and to come back on Tuesday CD 14 to check on them again (WHAT kind of magic was happening here).

The weekend came and went, and then on Monday, MAGICALLY, the trigger shot showed up! Still cold enough since it had been stuck in a frozen tundra apparently! I took a breath, called Publix and told them thank you but I didn’t need the Pregnyl from them, and kept my fingers crossed that the Sperm would do the same thing.

Tuesday came and I went in to check on my follicles. 18mm! They told me to trigger that night between 6-8pm. For insemination Thursday morning. I told them that I would, but if the sperm didn’t somehow manage to show up that next day, that I would have to skip this cycle. That night we triggered and hoped for the best.

The next afternoon, I got a notification that the sperm had showed up followed by a phone call from the doctors office that it was still completely frozen!!!! I hung up and just stood there in shock. Whatttt are the odds???

The next day, on CD 16, I went in for an insemination. Steph still can’t come in- thanks Covid. And now, we wait another two weeks. It feels like because everything worked out like it did… this time just has to work. Right?

Oh and some other big news on the Horizon, we decided that since we can’t seem to get babies, we might as well get puppies. Meet Willow and Kylo.

We can’t have them for 8 weeks though. So it will still be a bit.

Baby Journey cost:
Sperm plus shipping: $835 Femara:$20 Pregnyl:$140
Insemination: $350
Follicle scan copay x3 : $135
Total baby-making cost to d


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