Making a Baby, IUI 5 – Part 1, Maybe 5 is our Lucky Number


I was a bit nervous going into our next IUI cycle after having to skip the last one due to a cyst, but we decided to keep trying. At this point, each doctor’s appointment is pretty routine as far as procedure, so I think our excitement level is down to a normal level. There’s just SO much waiting and wondering and it’s been helpful to have my classes occupy that time instead of stressing and worrying about trying to get pregnant. I am trying not to let this blog be one bummer after the next so just know that we are trying to stay hopeful and excited for whatever the future holds for us. We’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly (I’m 3x/week and Sam is 5-6x) and I’ve been gluten free for more than 6 months now. All of this should be helping my body better prepare for a baby in addition to the 23705 vitamins I’m taking.

CD 2: Ovary Scan

They did my ovary scan and everything was totally normal! We are cyst free and ready to go! We ordered all the medication, Clomid, etc. and we are sticking to the same meds schedule as last time, which was I think Clomid on days 2-6, and Gonal shots on days 3, 5, and 7.

CD 10: Follicle scan

We are the grown-ups that laugh at subtle inappropriateness, so of course, when we walk into the room and the screen say’s penetration, we had a veryyyyyyy good laugh about it.

We have 2 follicles that are each 13mm. So that means another 75 Gonal shot on CD 11 and then come back on CD 12 to see what’s happening. Oh also Sam ordered the sperm today so we didn’t have to pay for fast shipping (same donor as last time).

CD 11

Fun story: CD 11 happened to land on our nephew’s birthday. We had planned on being in Georgia for his birthday and we couldn’t disappoint, so we packed up a cooler full of road trip snacks, and my Gonal pen, which can’t dip below a certain temperature. The shots we always have to do between 6pm and 8pm so, after the birthday party, Sam had to give me a shot in the laundry room so the kids wouldn’t freak out. We were able to store it in their fridge while we were there, then we packed up and headed back home with the rest of the shot pen on ice! Oh, also we forgot the alcohol wipes so thanks to Bath and Body Works for their Marshmallow Pumpkin hand sanitizer coming in handy when we needed it.. “This is probably fine..”

CD 12:

We got home from GA around 11pm after waking up at 5am, and our appointment the next day was 7am, so we were pretty out of it. They still take my blood each time to measure my estrogen levels, but apparently I was a little dehydrated which makes bloodwork way less fun. Props to my blood lady for being on point.

Our next set of instructions are to take a full 75unit dose of Gonal on CD 13 between 6-8pm, trigger with Pregnyl (here’s hoping it doesn’t make Steph throw up this time *fingers crossed*) on CD 14 (24 hours later) and inseminate on CD 16! (three days earlier than last time)

I have 3 follicles now which are pretty good odds. I have a 12 and 16 on my left and a 13.6 on my right. Hopefully all 3 fully mature and that way our chances will be higher. Uterine lining is 8.1 which is basically perfect for implantation. It’s getting close to GO time!



CD 2:
Ovary scan: $65 (co-pay)

Chlomid: $14.79
300 pen of Gonal F: $170
Pregnyl trigger shot: $154.89

CD 10:
Follicle check #1 and bloodwork: $65 (copay)
Sperm from NW Cryobank: $525 for IUI Sperm $245 for shipping.

CD 12:
Follicle check #2 and bloodwork: $65 (copay)

Total baby-making cost to date: $9057.70 


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