When hard work pays off

Aspiring Rocket Scientist

This semester I decided for myself that I would work extra hard on school. My long term goals are to get through my engineering pre-requisites in order to transfer to an Engineering program at another University. It’s nothing personal against UCF, but after 30 years in Florida, I’m ready for a big change. One with seasons would be preferable.. LOL.

I’m trying to get through my major math and science classes with good grades in order to make that all happen. Calc 1, 2, 3, Physics 1, 2, Statics, Dynamics, Differential Equations, Thermodynamics… there’s a few more but I’ll spare you. I’m only in my second semester so far and I’m taking only 2 classes at a time due to working full time also.

I’ve been devoting more time to schoolwork which has really paid off – I got an A in Calculus! That’ll look really good on my transcripts and help when it comes time to transfer. Sam has been SO supportive of me and has been pushing me to do my very best. I’m actually getting more excited about school as the time goes on. I’m following a few engineers on social media who are involved with NASA and Spacex. One of the girls I follow is Emily Calandrelli @thespacegal, who authored a kids book series about a little girl, Ada Lace, who loves science and technology. Emily is always so positive and happy and just overall uplifting and super smart. She graduated from WVU and MIT (goals much?) and her book is being launched into space and will be read by an astronaut as part of the “story time from space” program.

Seeing other women in STEM fields excelling and still having a family to support and take care of has been an inspiration. Reading books about the first women in NASA and re-reading the stories of Homer Hickham launching homemade rockets from the coal mines of West Virginia have pushed me to do my best and try even harder. I’m reminded of how important it is to have role models, even as an adult. I can’t wait to hopefully be that for my kids one day. 🙂