Monthly Brew – September

Monthly Brew

This month

I got 12 ounces of whole bean decaf from Peru from Batdorf & Bronson. The owners/creators of Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Olympia, WA loved coffee so much, that they became the owners of B&B Coffee Roasters, which has been in operation since 1986. In 1994, they opened another B&B location in Atlanta, GA (you’re welcome southeast US) to ensure delivery of the freshest coffee possible. So if you’re anywhere in Atlanta or Washington State and you see Dancing Goats coffee or Batdorf & Bronson, do yourself a favor and go taste some of their amazing coffee!

Honestly the smell of coffee is the best. This month’s blend was noticeably richer smelling than last month’s. It had almost a cocoa scent to it. The flavors were very rich and full bodied for me. There’s a quality called “mouthfeel” that is sometimes used synonymously with the term “body”, but in this case, the mouthfeel for me was very different. My tongue almost felt fuzzy as I sipped my first cup, as if I was drinking a chai tea. Reading the flavor profile afterword, I realized that this coffee had hints of spice, which explains the mouthfeel. This Peru coffee has a sweet chocolaty flavor with hints of orange and spice that blend perfectly. I preferred this as an iced coffee, but it was delicious both ways. My wife recently got me lavender syrup (my secret obsession), which is a PERFECT match with this roast.



My rating: 5 beans!