January Whole30 – Week 3


This week is by far the hardest week. Staying motivated is SO much harder. The best thing I can recommend for this week is to try to make the meals EASY because at this point you’ll be sick of eggs, and sick of cooking. Lots of easily accessible burgers, tuna salad, chicken salad, salad-salad, etc.

Thursday, Jan 16
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and berries
Lunch: Mini Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes
Dinner: Instant Pot Creamy Gnocchi Soup

Friday, Jan 17
Breakfast: Bacon and eggs for Steph/Fruit for Sam
Lunch: Leftover Soup/ Leftover mini meat loafs
Dinner: We went through the leftovers and had a random picnic basically.

Saturday, Jan 18
Breakfast: Fruit and a Chomp for Sam/ Smoothie for Steph
Lunch: Chipotle Whole30 bowl (we both get barbacoa)
Dinner: Hamburgers and Fries (Pro tip, get the sleeve of burgers from Sam’s club!)

Sunday, Jan 19
Breakfast: Smoothies
Lunch: Tuna Salad
Actual salad with apple, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and Balsamic Dressing

Monday, Jan 20
Breakfast: Fruit (cantaloupe!) & chomps
Lunch: Mini meat loaf (We made a double batch and froze some for us to take to work!)
Dinner: Burgers and Fries with Bacon

Tuesday, Jan 21
Breakfast: Chomps and hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Leftover Burgers and fries
Dinner: Baked Chicken (rubbed with bbq seasoning from Sam’s) with green beans

Wednesday, Jan 22
Breakfast: Chomps and hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Leftover Chicken
Dinner: Chicken and Veggies (We get the Broccoli Normandy from Sam’s Club)


January Whole30 – Week 2


We survived another week down on Whole30! This week was filled with some amazing food. I’ve been taking full advantage of snack packs of nuts since I have class super early in the mornings, then eating my eggs once I get to work. Chomps have also saved me a few times. I had planned on taking some photos of our meals, but I always accidentally eat them first. LOL. Oops. We found some almond coconut milk that I’m excited to try in my coffee too so hopefully I remember to add that next week!

Thursday, Jan 9
Breakfast: leftover Sloppy Jane + eggs (wouldn’t recommend mixing..)
Lunch: Leftover Chicken Sausage and green beans/Buffalo Chicken
Dinner: (banana, almond butter, blueberry, protein powder) Smoothies
Neither of us was super hungry for dinner this day, so we decided to make smoothies!

Friday, Jan 10
Breakfast: Smoothies
Lunch: Leftovers for Sam, Eggs and Guac for Steph
Dinner: Egg Roll Bowls

Saturday, Jan 11
Breakfast: We slept through breakfast…
Lunch: Leftover Egg Roll Bowls
Dinner: Chipotle (Now serving Whole30 Bowls!)

Sunday, Jan 12
Breakfast: Eggs and Oven-Baked no-sugar Bacon
Lunch: We skipped lunch since we had such a huge breakfast/brunch
Beef Tips and Cauliflower Mash <<< we used immersion blender for texture

Monday, Jan 13
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and berries (ras, straw, blu, black)
Lunch: Leftover Beef Tips and Cauli mash
Dinner: Chicken Salad Wraps (wrapped in lettuce) – SEE BELOW

Tuesday, Jan 14
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and berries
Lunch: Leftover Chicken Salad
Dinner: [compliant] Turkey BLT Lettuce Wraps w/ bacon from ALDI

Wednesday, Jan 15
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and berries
Lunch: Turkey BLT Lettuce Wraps
Dinner: Mini Meat Loafs and Mashed Potatoes

For the Chicken Salad, we started with a whole chicken (We got it from Sams. They sell whole chickens in packs of 2 for ~ $10) and actually used a recipe for this because when dealing with the instant pot, we still get a little nervous with times, etc. It turns out THIS WAS THE BEST RECIPE EVER (Click here). It only took 28 minutes to cook and the meat FELL off the bones. If you don’t have an instant pot, I’m sure you can do it in the oven, it may just take a bit longer!

Pro-tip: we used avocado oil instead of canola and also added half an onion to the inside of the chicken. Once cooled, we shredded the chicken and put it in the fridge overnight. With our chicken salad, we add in homemade mayo, 1 green apple, chopped almonds, Trader Joe’s onion salt, tarragon, red pepper flakes, pepper, garlic, and a few squirts of dijon mustard. The overall rule is to add a fruit and a nut. We usually add cranberries but we didn’t have any. I prefer walnuts but the almonds (from trader joes!) were AMAZING. We’ve also used red apples, but we really like the tartness of the green ones. Feel free to add some peppers too! Sam usually scoops her chicken salad with the mini sweet peppers for extra flavor.


Our Favorites:

Samantha’s favorite is always the egg roll bowls.
When eating leftovers, add fresh cabbage to make it crunchy again!

My favorite was tied between he mini meat loafs and the turkey BLT! One is super heavy and the other is lighter, so I suppose it depends on if you’re in the mood for comfort food.

Tonight we’re having creamy Gnocchi soup and I am SO excited for that. See you next week! Let us know how you’re doing or if you’re trying any of the meals we’ve made!

January Whole30 – Week 1


It’s January 2020 and we’ve decided to start our new year with doing our second official Whole30. If you don’t know what whole30 is, check out the website HERE. Basically, you can eat meat, seafood, veggies, fruit, but no processed foods, sugar, dairy, grains, or legumes (not even hummus). AND you can’t step on a scale for the whole 30 days. It takes complete dedication, there are no “cheat days” or “cheat meals”, for an entire 30 days.

My favorite line from her website is:

This is not hard. Fighting cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You have done harder things than this. It’s only thirty days, and it’s for the most important health cause on earth—the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime. Hear me now: The Whole30 is exactly as hard as you decide it’s going to be, so repeat after me: “This is not hard.”

Whole30 has been known to assist with all sorts of health problems and issues like: high blood pressure • high cholesterol • type 1 diabetes • type 2 diabetes • asthma • allergies • sinus infections • hives • skin conditions • endometriosis • PCOS • infertility • migraines • depression • bipolar disorder • heartburn • GERD • arthritis • joint pain • ADD • thyroid dysfunction • Lyme disease • fibromyalgia • chronic fatigue • lupus • leaky gut syndrome • Crohn’s • IBS • Celiac disease • diverticulitis • ulcerative colitis. If you’ve seen this before, you’ve been reading our fertility blog!


Okay, Let’s get down to business (comment if you started singing Mulan).

Samantha has come up with an entire month of meal plans and shopping lists so that we can eat the right foods on a budget. We’ve also been going to the gym and yoga on a regular basis and the weather is so nice we take a few of our dogs out for long (2 mile) walks once the sun starts to go down.

I think it’d be easier to share our meal plans each week with you guys and then follow it up with our favorites! (We started on January 2nd because we are rebellious). See some shopping hints below!

Thursday, Jan 2
Breakfast: Fruit + Scrambled Eggs (cooked in green chile oil with jalapenos!)
Lunch: Sheet pan chicken sausage (NO sugar), broccoli, and potatoes.
Dinner: Teriyaki (Primal Kitchen) Chicken and zucchini

Friday, Jan 3
Breakfast: Fruit + Scrambled Eggs
Lunch: Leftover Teriyaki chicken and zucchini
Dinner: Hamburgers (no bun) and Air Fryer Crispy Garlic Potatoes

Saturday, Jan 4
Breakfast: Fruit + Scrambled Eggs
Lunch: Leftover Burgers and Potatoes
Dinner: Chili Lime Crispy Chicken Tenders with Avocado Ranch and a honey crisp apple
**We cooked the chicken tenders in the air fryer!

Sunday, Jan 5
Brunch: Hard Boiled Egg + Chomp
We went on a long bike ride and stopped at Starbucks. We got Peter Rabbit fruit pouches and the Evolution pressed juices (‘super fruit greens’ and ‘defense up’ flavors).
Sloppy Jane’s

Monday, Jan 6 (Steph Starts School Today – 730am class)
Breakfast: Egg Salad on Sweet Potato Toast
Lunch: Leftover Sloppy Jane’s
Dinner: Skinny Shredded Buffalo Chicken (good for wraps too!)

Tuesday, Jan 7
Breakfast: Egg Salad on Sweet Potato Toast
Lunch: Leftover Skinny Shredded Buffalo Chicken
Dinner: Philly Not-So-Cheese-Steak Stuffed Peppers

Wednesday, Jan 8
Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Lunch: Leftover Philly Peppers
Dinner: Chicken Sausage and Green Beans

*** Our favorite was the Sloppy Janes ***

Side note: We went to trader joe’s and found these AMAZING date and coconut bites that have been helping between Steph’s morning classes. There’s a cashew apricot flavor and a blueberry almond flavor and they are Whole30. Click HERE.


Just the TIPS:

We get most of our meats from Costco/Sams in bulk. We got a Food Saver for Christmas so we separate the meats into the portions we need which has been super helpful! For the sauces and seasonings, we spend most of our time at our local Trader Joe’s. We also really like Aldi for fruits and veggies and they sometimes have surprises like fruit pouches that are whole30. They’re really good to curb your sweet tooth – also Apple Sauce with Cinnamon.

We recommend getting a handful of Chomps (the Country Archer beef sticks are also Whole30) to snack on from Trader Joe’s. It’s not encouraged to have snacks on Whole30 since one of the purposes of Whole30 is to eat enough food to sustain you for the next meal and to stop you from reaching for the “snacks”. We also have boiled eggs ready to go in the fridge because sometimes that’s what we have time for and it’s super quick as a snack or a meal. Also, a HUGE help is to have a bunch of shredded chicken ready to go. You can shred a compliant rotisserie chicken or make your own in the crockpot or instant pot.

There’s a ton of Whole30 mayo recipes online and the sauces make everything amazing (Healthy Little Peach is our go-to for the healthiest, yummiest sauces). If you don’t have one yet, GET AN IMMERSION BLENDER. It will make your life SO much easier with sauces and mayo and homemade avocado ranch. Also, an instant pot would make your life easier and makes cook time WAY shorter. Most blogs will have an option for Instant Pot recipes and crockpot versions.

One of the most helpful tips we read before starting Whole30 was to clean and organize your kitchen. That way you have an inventory of what you have in the house plus you have a nice clean kitchen!

Sam writes EVERYTHING in her planner. She has our meal plans in there, the shopping list for the week, when to pull things out of the freezer, AND she has the printed recipes that are numbered for each day. She has a Happy Planner with Weekly Menu Plan inserts in it.

Sam’s favorite people to follow on Instagram (and their blogs) are @littlebitsofrealfood (Little Bits Of), @maryswholelife (Mary’s Whole Life), @thebetteredblondie (The Bettered Blondie), @tasteslovely (Tastes Lovely), @thedefineddish (The Defined Dish), @healthylittlepeach (Healthy Little Peach), @40aprons (40 Aprons), and…

BONUS BLOG: Nom Nom Paleo We know she’s not specifically Whole30 but most of the recipes can be altered and who doesn’t crave Asian food literally all the time (see her Pho recipe).

**Because this is our fourth round of Whole30 AND we are Gluten Free, we already have a lot of the flours and various ingredients that are needed for a lot of Whole30 recipes. Whole30 doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to make a special Pinterest recipe every night. Whole30 is just about making healthier choices and eating enough vegetables to curb your appetite.