On failure

Aspiring Rocket Scientist

I’ve been super MIA lately. Going back to school has been difficult from a learning standpoint. I never had to study in high school and I’m still getting the hang of it. It’s caused me to be absent in a lot of areas, blogging being one of them. As I struggle through finals week, I’ve been reminded time and time again that failure is not the same thing that it was when I was younger.

I’m high school failure was losing a soccer game or getting a bad grade. Failure was dropping your coffee or being made fun of for the clothes you’re wearing. Failure was your parents marriage and not getting into the school you wanted.

Failure changes as you age, or it has for me. I’ve learned how to process failure differently and learn from it.

I may or may not have just bombed my calculus exam, which I needed an 80 on to pass the class. I’ve been stressed about Calculus since week 3 simply due to the speed and complexity of it and having to teach myself after not having any complex math since high school 10 years ago..

Here’s the thing.. If i have to take the class again, I’ll just have to take the class again. I am committed to this goal of becoming an aerospace engineer. Of course it feels much better knowing a third of my class is in the same boat. After a bunch of people dropped it, I decided to stick with it because this is my dream and my goal and I refuse to let a few bad grades or a hard class dictate whether or not I achieve what I set my mind to.

Failure is not bad.

Failure teaches you experience.

Failure teaches you knowledge.

Failure teaches you resilience.

Failure creates growth.

Failure teaches value.

Wherever you are in life, know that you will fall. Expect to fall. Expect it to hurt and expect it to happen a lot. Learn from it. Don’t let it dictate who you are, let it dictate your strength to get back up.

No one got to be successful without failure. Celebrate your wins AND your losses. They help shape you.

That’s all for now – need to study for my chemistry exam!