Monthly Brew – October

Monthly Brew

This month

I got 12 ounces of whole bean Colombia Decaf from Cafe Grumpy in NY! Cafe Grumpy is locally owned and operated and they currently have 10 locations around the US. One of the things I love so much about Swiss Water is that they seek out companies who work with specialty coffee growers and who care about fair trade, sustainability, and a quality product.



I tried brewing this coffee a few different ways, as I usually do, but I couldn’t manage to get a full flavor with this month’s coffee. It was a much lighter roast than the previous ones, which may have made the difference. The subtle flavors of chocolate, caramel and orange were VERY subtle. I was mildly disappointed this time around, but that doesn’t mean all of their coffee is like that. Cafe Grumpy has a variety of different selections on their website and has super cute merch with their logo on it. I’m personally interested in trying their Heartbreaker Espresso blend with notes of blackberry, amaretto and dark chocolate.

If you’re in NY or Miami, check out all of their locations. Each location seems to be catered to the look of the city or suburb surrounding it and no two cafes look the same.



My rating: 3 beans