VI. Sam’s first Two week wait + results

Making Baby Mettler

During this wait, we wanted to try and stay busy. So we made the glorious decision to go to Animal kingdom on a day that the heat index was 107 degrees… We didn’t even thinkkkk to look at the weather, we just decided to go… We had a great time that morning, but as the sun crept up, we became very very aware of how little shade Animal Kingdom has. Around about 1pm we decided that we could not take that heat anymore and made the trek across the parking lot back to our car… and let me just say, that without trams and literally NO shade, it felt like we were walking in the desert and kept seeing mirages like we were Fievel and Tiger in Fievel Goes West.

– word to the wise, check the weather before you go to Disney.-

And another thing, Progesterone is NO joke. I spent the entire two weeks crying about absolutely NOTHING. My body didn’t know whaaat to do with this extra hormone lol. 10/10 do not recommend.

The two weeks came and went after a million tears. We tried to keep in mind that this time veryyyy well may not work because of my lovely idea of overdosing my follicle. But when that Negative result came, it was still a really huge blow. No matter how much you think you’re prepared and that you’re a totally logical person and that you understand the odds of an IUI procedure working, it still suckkkkks!

Until next time!

Total baby-making cost to d


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