IV. Sam’s first IUI part 2

Making Baby Mettler

So the cycle day 11 ovary scan happened! I requested Suzie, and just as expected, she was a MUCH better sonographer and it went so much smoother!

I got a call later that afternoon around 4:30pm that I had two follicles that were 6.1 and 6.4mm. They scheduled me to come back the Following Tuesday to do a recheck. After I hung up I looked at my calendar and realized I would be at cycle day 15 by then…. I usually ovulate on my own by cycle day 17… so I tried to call the doctors office back, and they were already closed… I called Steph because I started to panic. What we learned from all of Stephs cycles was that follicles tend to grow by 2mm per day once they hit a certain point… and in our heads, there was NO way my follicles would get big enough in time before I ovulated on my own… we decided together to do two Gonal-F injections (the same as what Steph got) to help them grow so that we didn’t have to skip this cycle due to me ovulating on my own and if we messed it up, then that was on us.

We also went on a new sperm donor hunt for a donor that looked similar to Steph this time. And bingo, we found someone that could easily pass as Stephs brother! We aren’t sharing photos of the donor for privacy reasons but here’s a cute pic of Steph as a baby:

Baby Journey cost:
Sperm plus shipping: $770
Follicle scan copay: $45
Total baby-making cost to date: $13,935.65


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