III. Sam’s first IUI part 1

Making Baby Mettler

Welcome to episode 1 of “making a baby during corona”. I’m (Steph, here!) writing this from the car, in the parking lot of the fertility clinic, because I’m not actually allowed to go in with Samantha during ovary ultrasounds or anything. I had to go in briefly to sign a “permission form” for her to start the IUI procedure. They scanned my forehead and had us sign all the “I don’t have COVID” forms, I signed the permission form, then I told Sam I loved her and took the elevator down to the car (and sanitized my hands).

I’m not going to lie, this is weird. I was fully planning on being there in the room holding her hand like she held mind during all of this, but instead, I’m sitting in the car thinking about how nervous she might be doing this all for the first time. Luckily she’s been through the whole process with me so hopefully that’s at least a little more comforting.

If I remember correctly, she’ll get an ultrasound to check her ovaries and make sure there’s no cysts and the doctor will prescribe her some sort of medication. I’m not sure if it’ll be the same as what as I was on since I had a low egg count (Sam’s is Perfect), but I still assume they’ll give her something so they can control her ovulation. Then they’ll take her blood to check all her levels and hormones. We should be good to go after that.

Sam here! Ok so, that was my first ovary scan, and let me just say, THAT SUCKED. No one tells you how difficult an ultrasound is when you’re overweight. Today I learned that ultrasounds work by sending sound waves through your body, and that sound waves have a hard time traveling through fat. 🙄 Gooood to know. It also didn’t help that my sonographer was brand new and a tiny little thing with no muscles. Next time, I’ll request our favorite sonographer, Suzie, and we will see if it’s any different.

Anyways, scan was all good, no cysts and I start two 2.5mg pills of Femara between 6-8pm starting on cycle day 3 (tomorrow) for the next 5 days. And then I’ll come in on cd 11 for a follicle scan and we will see how many follicles there are, and how big they got. She also told me to order Pregnyl (the trigger shot), so that I have it before my next appointment.

That’s all for now! See you soon with an update.

Baby Journey cost
Ultrasound copay: $45
Pregnyl and Femara: $160
Total baby-making cost to date: $13,120.05


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