I. Samantha’s Turn!

Making Baby Mettler
Samantha here! Sooo it’s officially my turn. Phew! This has been a wild ride! We have realized that we have zero control here and that we have to surrender to the universe and just do everything that we CAN control. One thing I can control is making sure that my body is as healthy as possible. I’ve lost almost 70 pounds by busting my ass and watching the things I put in my mouth. I’ve been going to the gym regularly and figured out a schedule that works for us for now. My weight has never really been a thing that bothered me. I have always been this super confident person and it just kind of “was what it was”. And even now, this isn’t about being “skinny”. It’s just about wanting our future baby to be as healthy as it can be. The next step in our baby making plan was to get my Mirena (intrauterine birth control) removed.  I was going to just go to my OBGYN to get it taken out, but I had to meet with Dr. Jaffe anyways to run bloodwork and figure out whats what, sooo I decided I might as well just have her take it out at the same appointment. Firsttt of all, lets just say that I was NOT looking forward to having this thing removed since putting it in both times was sooo painful (but worth it in the long run). I didn’t know what to expect since the last time I had it taken out was almost 3 years ago and I had it put back in the same day, but I assumed it wouldn’t exactly be comfortable lol. It was the strangest feeling! She pulled the strings and it just felt like a POP in my body. It was so so so strange and not painful at all. The pain came later from the cramping that comes after something is pulled through your cervix. But it was nothing some Advil and a good Netflix binge couldn’t fix. My bloodwork all came back fantastic again and we are all good to schedule my HSG test and get this process rolling. We are sooo ready for some babies! Baby Journey cost: Samantha’s Specialist co-pay: $65 Amount insurance decided to not pay towards removal that now goes towards my deductible: $158 Total baby-making cost to date: $12,566.05

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