Our Christmas 2019

Married Life

Christmas 2019

Oh man, where to start… This will be a “short” Christmas letter because 2019 has been pretty consumed with trying to make babies. Earlier in 2019 Samantha and I started the (very long) process of trying to have babies! We’ve been to loads of doctors appointments, spent tons of money, and been administered a TON of medications. Over the course of the last 9 months, we’ve tried IUI 4 times and we’re hoping that 2020 is our year! So we are basically fertility professionals now. Steph has been totally gluten free for 7 months and we’re basically just sitting ducks learning the value of patience. Lucky for you all, we’ve been keeping track of all the details on our blog: themettleradventures.com <<< Shameless plug.

In other news, Steph has passed all her classes this year. She managed to get an A in Calculus and the math classes keep piling up. She’s officially able to apply to the Aerospace Engineering program instead of the “pending” status. WOOHOO We almost have an actual aerospace engineer major on our hands! But don’t stop sending all the good vibes because rocket science isn’t easy, it’s rocket science..! Samantha remains the glue holding us together. She’s been to every doctor’s appointment and has been riding the Mettler roller coaster through all the fun hormones and negative tests. We’ve been going back to the gym and Sam’s been KILLING IT going 5+ days/week and Steph’s joining her on the weekends.

Back in March, we went to Birmingham, Alabama to see Mumford and Sons in concert, which was amazing. While we were there we visited the haunted Sloss Furnaces and went to Saturn Cafe which was basically a rocket themed coffee shop! We’ve been going to Disney a lot (so long as the weather is below 80 degrees). We started collecting Disney Trading Pins, which, if you haven’t started now DON’T DO IT, lol. We finally got to visit Star Wars Land, which was totally epic. Steph almost passed out from excitement.

This year, we also got to babysit our *bonus kid*, Gavin, who we took to a concert and to the water park, and then we celebrated Steph’s birthday at Kennedy Space Center. I’m pretty sure we might have a future rocket scientist on our hands! Steph even took him to a calculus review session and he got to help with some of the math. For Samantha’s birthday, we went to the wax museum and the aquarium (sharks AND a wax figure of Ryan Reynolds in one day!?), then, like any totally normal married couple, we went to IKEA.

For the first time in the 4 years that we’ve been living in our house, we decided (steph decided) to put Christmas lights on the house! Also, despite having 72 different color variations for Christmas bulb ornaments, we had to get JUST one more package of Christmas bulbs. Now we have officially completed the trifecta of Christmas color schemes. Santa would be so proud. Blue and gold? Got it. Silver and pink? Got it. Green and red? Got that too. We’re set for life now so long as our great dane, Apollo, stops sticking his head into the tree and using it as a head scratcher.

This year has been filled with so many ups and downs, but we are both so excited for what 2020 holds. Wishing everyone so much love this holiday season!

Love, The Mettlers



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