No Better Time than Now

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I suppose there is no “good time” when it comes to deciding when to start something. Whether it’s asking someone out, finally getting to the stack of dishes in the sink, going back to school, having a baby. The best time to start anything is simply in that moment. I won’t get into the science or prioritizing or procrastinating, but the idea is there.

I decided to start a blog 2 years ago.

I was planning on proposing to my now wife, and it seemed like the perfect time to start documenting our journey as a couple and as a family. You can see how urgently I started that blog…

Since then, I’ve gotten married, returned to school to get my second Bachelors degree (more on that later), learned a TON, spent a lot of time with our dogs, and began to look into the baby making process.

Going back to school has been a journey.

There are a lot of stipulations regarding returning for your second degree and getting financial aid to cover it. My first degree was in Film, and I thought now that I’m almost 30, I’d go back to school for Aerospace Engineering (I know – big change). I graduated from UCF in 2012 and enrolled in Precalculus and Trig for Summer 2018 at a smaller college here in Orlando, thinking it’d be more affordable. Turns out, unless you’re taking at least 6 credit hours toward a degree within a degree program the college offers, you’re not eligible for financial aid and have to pay for everything out of pocket. Sooooo I’m transferring back to UCF starting in the spring so I can officially be enrolled in their “aerospace engineering pending” degree program. Overall the courses are more expensive, but I’ll get financial aid, which will help a TON instead of paying out of pocket each semester. If anyone has any questions about returning to school or financial aid, I have an abundance of knowledge now and would be happy to help.

Overall, this blog will mostly be dedicated to me retuning to school and starting our family. Since we’re both girls, we get to plan, prep, and pretty much dictate how and when all of that will go down. Of course, planning a family at the same time I’ll be taking Calculus, Differential Equations, and Thermodynamics is going to be an adventure in itself, but what’s life without adventure?!


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